Do My Own Legal Advertising or Go with a Marketing Pro

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StrategyThere are a number of ways to implement a marketing plan for your law firm. You could hire one or more in-house legal advertising professionals to serve on your staff. You might handle your attorney marketing on your own. You can hire an outside firm to do some, most, or all of your legal advertising. The right decision for your law office requires careful consideration from you and your partners, depending on the time, money and manpower you wish to expend on your marketing efforts.

Hiring Staff to Handle your Legal Advertising

Law firm marketing is not an easy task in today’s competitive market. You may wish to hire one or more staff members to manage your campaign. Having in-house staff to handle your legal advertising efforts has several advantages. You have control over your message and your messenger. You and your partners have access to your employees in your office, so can discuss strategies when it is most convenient. You can tightly control your budget and readily track your attorney advertising dollars.

There are several downsides to using a permanent staff member or members to manage your marketing plan. First, there is the cost. Paying salaries and benefits to one or a number of people can be a very expensive, leaving you with less money to spend on your advertising. You also put all your eggs in one basket; if the person hired does not perform up to par, your legal advertising efforts could lag behind your competitors.

Law Firm Marketing On Your Own

No one knows the goals of your law firm better than you. Therefore, it is possible that you could be the best person to manage your own attorney marketing. Certainly you have the best interests of your firm at heart. You will also save money by not paying someone to handle your legal advertising. But when it comes to managing your own advertising, you have to consider whether it is penny wise and pound foolish.

No doubt you and your staff are experts in the law. However, if you do not have extensive training and experience in law firm marketing, you may want to consider letting legal advertising professionals maximize your advertising dollars by helping you develop a comprehensive marketing plan. While you certainly could put in the time and effort to learn the ins and outs of the advertising business, it is very likely that your time would be much better spent earning money and winning cases for your clients and your law firm.

Hire Legal Advertising Specialists

Many attorneys choose to hire experts in legal advertising. Competition for new clients is intense, so developing an effective attorney marketing plan is often better left to advertising professionals. Professional Media Services have years of experience doing custom marketing for law firms. Let our experience help grow your firm.

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