Custom TV Commercial vs Group TV Advertising

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Watching tvTelevision commercials are the most effective form of personal injury attorney advertising in today’s market. If you are serious about marketing a law firm in the current competitive business environment, you need to be on television.

TV is an active medium that delivers a strong call to action to injury victims, prompting them to pick up the phone and call a personal injury attorney. Statistically, television commercials deliver the most leads for the money, outperforming conventional forms of legal advertising, such as the Yellow Pages, billboards, direct mail, and print ads.

There are two ways of marketing a law firm on TV: custom commercials and group attorney advertising programs. Which method is best suited for your needs depends on several factors. Choose the program that works for your situation.

Marketing Personal Injury Lawyers with Custom Television Commercials

Personal injury lawyers receive many benefits from producing and running their own television commercials.

  • Creating custom ads gives you complete control over your brand and your message.
  • You get to choose the tone of your commercials and pick your target audience.
  • You decide when and on which channels your custom ads run.
  • The name of your law firm becomes known in your community through your ads.

There are a few potential drawbacks to custom TV advertising. Cost is a deterrent for some personal injury lawyers. Custom commercials are generally more expensive to produce and run than group attorney advertising, since your firm has to pay 100% of the costs. Custom ads also require more work on the part of your staff, as you will need to design content, hire a production company, and work with media markets to run your commercials. However, if your professional TV ads generate large profits for your firm, it will be well worth your time and money. Professional Media Services can handle all the custom production and media buy for you.

Marketing a Law Firm Using Group Attorney Advertising

The other option to consider when marketing a law firm on TV is group attorney advertising. Rather than producing and running your own commercials, you join a program that creates ads under the group’s brand. You split productions costs with other personal injury lawyers, and receive a proportional percentage of the leads generated by the TV commercials, based on the amount of advertising dollars you invest. Group attorney advertising allows the company to buy advertising “in bulk,” running more ads for less money. This method gives your firm the benefits of being on television at a fraction of the cost of custom advertising. Many small to mid-sized firms choose this option.

Group attorney advertising does not use the name of your law firm in the TV commercials, so you do not get the benefit of name recognition (although many firms actually appreciate the anonymity of group ads.) You also do not choose when and where the commercials run. Lawyers Group employs a professional media buying team that analyzes Nielsen ratings to determine the best time and programs to reach your target audience. You can trust our team to make the correct programing choices for you.

Law firms with bigger advertising budgets often benefit from using both types of programs simultaneously.

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